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Leasehold Block & Estate Management

Property management with a human touch.

Many block and estate-management firms rely on hotlines, call centres and remote offices. And they practically wear a Cloak of Invisibility. So you might want a refreshing change.

At Colmore Gaskell, we’re different. You’ll see your property manager around your site. you’ll know their name. They’ll smile at you. They’ll probably help you with stuff that goes above and beyond.  So you enjoy an easy life. And we’ll probably end up with more pals than profits. Which is probably how life should be.

Looking after people, not blocks

You’ll get direct access to a single person. They look after the block day-to-day. You’ll know their name. You’ll chat and meet regularly. They might even help with other stuff that’s none of our business. Because we might be maintaining blocks, but it’s people we’re really looking after.

Doubling-down on detail

In block management, it’s details that make the difference. That’s why we catalogue every last thing on site, and it’s why our property managers carry their phones and laptops at all times. So they can respond lickety-split. Even if they’re on holiday.

It’s an approach that’s structured precisely around the results of the National Leasehold Survey. This first survey of its kind found just 6% of leaseholders were ‘very confident’ their agents would act effectively and efficiently to resolve problems. We’re glad to be among that 6%.