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Right to Manage

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A lifeline for leaseholders.

Owning a leasehold property isn’t always a bed of roses. Service charges can suddenly skyrocket. Your summer grass might start to look like untamed Borneo. Those regular inspections might get a little, well, less regular.

Yes, all sorts of kickbacks and commissions can suddenly make management a very expensive business. And management can leave a bit to be desired because the freeholders might not be too fussed about that side of things.

Happily, the law is your friend. As leaseholders, you’re legally allowed to form a Right to Manage company. You’ll take over the landlord’s responsibilities. Even though you’re not the freeholder.

Once you’ve done that, you can appoint your own managing agent to handle the management function under the lease. And if all that sounds a bit scary, don’t worry. We’re right by your side. We’ll walk you through the process like we’re strolling through the daisies.

If poor and expensive management seems like a noose around your neck right now, let us loosen it and help you breathe a little more freely.